High Conflict Divorce and it's Effects on the Family

High Conflict Divorce and it's Effects on the Family


Are you or your child experiencing stress and confusion associated with a high conflict divorce?

Are you struggling to manage your anger and grief from your break-up?

Are you possibly being bad mouthed or alienated from your child by your ex partner?


If so I can help you to:

processing your grief and anger

strengthen your coping skills

re-define your expectations

develop a Healing Action Plan


My practice is dedicated to helping individuals, teens and families cope with and heal, the sadness associated with separation/divorce.  Unfortunately, our the family court system doesn’t fully understand the emotional impact that individual and families suffering when they are coping with a high conflict separation/divorce. That is why it is very important to seek emotional support during this time.


The emotional impact of a high conflict divorce can become a serious health concern, which can include:


difficulty sleeping and eating, or over eating

engaging in high risk sexual behavior

relying on substances to numb your pain

worry over financial strain


If you think that you are experiencing any of the above symptoms of emotional distress, I invite you to contact me, and arrange for a free consultation to discuss how counseling can help you cope with and heal through this transition.

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