Healing from Divorce

Healing from Divorce


Are you feeling overwhelmed by your break-up, separation or divorce?

Are you experiencing trouble coping with your daily life because of the pain you are feeling?

Would you like additional support while you while you heal?


If so, I can help you to

    • process your feelings
    • understand your needs
    • strengthen your coping skills
    • re-define your relationship expectations
    • develop a Healthy Action Plan for Healing


My solution-focused approach is dedicated to helping you cope with, and heal from the sadness associated with the significant loss of your relationship ending. Sometimes the break-up can comes as a total shock other times a huge relief, either way, you will likely spend considerable amount of time, taking inventory of your what happened in your relationship.  Perhaps you are even spending hours of time, replaying old memories in our head, playing the "what if" or "I should have” game. While this is a very normal response, it can also be a sign that is a good time to seek some guidance from a professional counselor, to help you come to terms with your situation.


The emotional impact of chronic distress can become a serious health concern, here are some signs to look for:


    • anxiety/depression
    • difficulty sleeping and eating, or over eating
    • engaging in high risk sexual behavior
    • relying heavily on substances use to numb out and cope
    • ongoing worry over financial issues
    • prolonged exposure to emotional stress if left untreated can lead to~ Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

If you are experiencing any of the above concerns, I invite you to contact me , and arrange for a free consultation. Healing is possible .

“The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it...”
Nicholas Sparks

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