Lisa Grace LMFT


Are you feeling overwhelmed or discouraged due to relationship issues?

Are you struggling to find meaning and purpose in your life?

Are you stuck in old patterns that are not serving you?


If so, I can help you to

  • identify your feelings
  • explore your behaviors
  • strengthen your coping skills
  • develop a personalized plan to help you acheive more satisfaction and happiness in your life

My practice is dedicated to helping you overcome personal and relationship challenges, so you can achieve more peace and happiness. Many problems stem from the disharmony that is created when we aren't able to follow our inner wisdom.  In the process of trying to please others, and meet demands outside of ourselves, we can become cut off from this valuable guidance system. When you take time to re-connect with yourself and re-focus on what you want/need, you are able to revitalize your inner knowing and the relationship you have with yourself and your loved ones can all greatly improved. Your inner wisdom is the most powerful tool you have to helping you overcome obstacles in your life. I will teach you how tap into your inner knowing through the use of: journaling, vision board creation, mindful mediation, and affirmation exercises.  As you become more comfortable listening to, and following your inner guidance system, you will start to feel an immediate shift in your situation, a shift toward greater happiness and ease.

Benefits of trusting your inner wisdom include:

  • Realizing your worth
  • Gaining insight and purpose
  • Building meaningful and authentic relationships
  • Increasing your overall satisfaction and happiness
  • Learning to making sound choices that align with your core values

If this sounds like a process that might be beneficial to you or your loved one, please call today for a free consultation.

Start living the life you were born to live.

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